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Currently For Sale

Here are the latest items we have available for sale.

We make great efforts to keep this page up to date but inevitably there will be some delay before items can be marked as sold. This is the main reason why we do not offer any kind of ‘Click & Buy’ or ‘Shopping Basket’ with instant payment. If you see something of interest here then it is almost certainly still available - but you will need to contact us by telephone or email. We will reply as soon as possible to confirm availability and to discuss shipping and payment options.

like to have proper dialogue with our customers before, during and after the sale process. If you prefer an anonymous website experience, with no personal contact, while paying for something that you’re not even sure is still available then there are plenty of other internet sites you could try.

Click the image(s) for full product information, price & shipping information


Thorens TD180
33, 45 & 78

Rega Planar 3
No Lid or Tone-Arm

AR EB101
Belt Driven Turntable
W/AR Tonearm & Shure Cartridge

Technics SL-150
Ready for any 9" Tone-arm


Pioneer PL-112D
Beautiful & Boxed

Thorens TD160 Super
9" Tone-arm Ready

Thorens TD166 Mk2
W/ Thorens TP16 Mk3 Tone-arm


Thorens TD150 Mk2
Quality Turntable

Thorens TD160B Mk2
Excellent & Boxed

Garrard 401
Looks to be unused

Linn LP12 Sondek with Ittok
Valhalla / Nirvana


Shure V15 Type 3
MM Cartridge

45 RPM Speed Adapter
For Linn Sondek LP12

Linn Sondek
Fluted Afromosia Plinth

Systemdek III
The Original & The Best


Rega RB300
9" Tone-arm

SME 3009 Series 2 Improved
Detachable head-shell, knife edge bearings

Linn Basik LV-V
9" Tone-arm

Linn Basik LV-X
9" Tone-arm


Hadcock GH228 Super 'D ' Type
9" Tone-arm


Quad Hi-Fi Stand
For 66 System - Boxed

Quad FM4
Stereo FM Tuner

Quad FM3
Stereo FM Tuner

Quad 405-2
Stereo Power Amp


Quad 33
Stereo Pre-Amp
Boxed & Immaculate

Quad 33
Stereo Pre-Amp

Quad FM1
w/ Duplex Decoder

Quad  / Shure V15 Type 3
Phono Board


Goodmans Axiom 10
Vintage 10" Full Range Driver

Goodmans Axiom 110
Vintage 10" Full Range Driver

Pair of Tannoy 15" Monitor HPD's
HPD / 385 / A

Koss K6
Quality Headphones


JPW Gold Monitors
Bookshelf Monitors

Pair of Heybrook HB2's
Gorgeous & Boxed

Lockwood Major (Tannoy) Enclosures
Ready for 15" Tannoy Dual Concentric

AR 28ls
Early 80's
Acoustic Research


Pair of Mirage SM-3
Quality Vintage Floorstanders

Mission 760's
Bookshelf Monitors

Pair of Celestion Ditton 25
Quality Monitors

Bose AM5 Series 3
Speaker System


Linn Index
Early Version

Rogers LS8a's

B&W DM601 Series 2
Bookshelf Monitors

Pair of Kef Q15
Factory Matched Pair


Meridian 502 Pre-Amp
With MSR System Remote

Kenwood DM-9090
Minidisc Recorder

Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD
High Spec CD Player

Musical Fidelity X10v3
Valve Line Stage


Philips CD-850 Mk2
CD Player

Nakamichi LX-5
High Spec Cassette Deck

Denon TU-260L
Stereo AM/FM Tuner

Pioneer SA-508
Vintage Integrated Amp


Pioneer PD-S703
CD Player

Pioneer A-501R
Integrated Amplifier

Pioneer CT-S410
3-Head Cassette Deck

Philips CD582
CD Player (TDA1541A)


Leak 2100
Stereo Integrated Amp


Denon TU-260L
Stereo AM/FM Tuner

Technics SL-P202A
CD Player

Technics SL-P111
CD Player

Yamaha DSP-A2070
Home Cinema System


Technics SU-V550
Integrated Amplifier

Technics SL-P222A
CD Player

Aiwa AD-F990
3-Head Legend

Technics RS-TR255
Twin Cassette Deck


FM/MW/LW Tuner

Akai AT-S3L
Digital FM/AM Tuner

Sony ST-J60
Stereo FM/AM Tuner

Cambridge Topaz CD10
CD Player


Mission Cyrus Two
Integrated Amplifier

Marantz AT5-5
Vintage Audio Timer

Meridian 504 FM Tuner
Unused, Mint & Boxed

Technics ST-G90L
FM/AM Stereo Tuner


Avante Garde AV32R

Teac H-500
Mini Seperates System

Ferrograph Series 7
Ferrograph Service 2014

NAD 4020A
Stereo FM/AM Tuner


Sony RDR-VX410

Denon PMA-520AE
Mint & Boxed

Linn LK100
Stereo Power Amp

Marantz DR700


NAD 402
Digital FM/AM
Stereo Tuner

Pioneer TX-408L
FM/AM Stereo Tuner

Pioneer SX-450
Lovely 1970's Tuner/Amp

Integrated Amp


Pioneer TX -608
FM/LW/MW Tuner

Vintage FM/AM
Stereo Tuner

Denon DRA-455
FM/AM RDS Receiver

Pioneer TX-7500
FM/AM Tuner


Denon TU-215RD

Digital FM/AM

Technics ST-G450L
Digital FM/LW/MW Tuner

Technics SL-PG200A


Pioneer 6-Disc CD Cartridge

Pioneer F-656
FM/AM Stereo Tuner

Technics ST-Z45L
FM/AM Stereo Tuner

Arcam Alpha CD
The First Generation Original


Items that have been sold in recent weeks


Technics SU-3000
Integrated Amplifier

A&R A60 and T21
Lovely 1970's Amp and Tuner

Quad 405-2
Stereo Power Amp

Quad FM4
Stereo FM Tuner


Marantz SX-72
Scratch Noise Suppressor

Linn AV5120
AV Centre Speaker

Linn AV5140
Pair Floorstanders

KEF Calinda
Classic KEF Monitors


Sony PT-59
Program Timer

SME 3009 Series 2 Improved
Detachable Head-shell
Knife-edge bearings

Marantz 2238B
Stereo Receiver

Linn LP12 Sondek
Valhalla / Nirvana


Please contact us either by telephone on 01883 340073 or directly by email to or by completing the form
on our Contact Us
page with details of how we can help you.


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