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We are delighted to recieve feedback from our customers on any aspect of the services we offer our customers.

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Jules, Dublin, Ireland - July 2023It is always feels a gamble and a risk when buying and shipping vintage hifi especially overseas. But my recent purchase of a Thorens TD160 super was a simple and pleasant transaction. WIthin 3 days the deck arrived in Dublin so carefully packaged and in pristine condition. If you spot something you like on this site get in touch with John for great service, great value, and peace of mind. Jules (Dublin)

Geoff Orchard, London, UK - April 2023
Fantastic service and knowledge from Retrotech. Went in for a cassette deck yet was so impressed kept returning for more components that I originally had no intention of buying! They have completely reinvigorated my love of proper analogue music systems. Thanks guys. (Geoff Orchard, London)

Roy Cass, Selby, North Yorkshire - December 2022
Thanks again John for the normal excellent service. The SME 2000 plinth looks great and was packed within an inch of its life to your usual high standard. Looking forward to installing the Garrard 401 and SME 3009 series 2 both bought from your excellent site. It’s great to see this equipment finding a new lease of life. Please keep up the good work. Your standards and integrity are a breath of fresh air in today’s business world. Anyone interested in the equipment you deal in should not hesitate to purchase from retro tech. (Roy Cass, Selby, North Yorkshire)

John Mills, Great Yarmouth - UK - November 2022
Just to say I was very pleased with the two items I recently purchased from Retrotech audio. Received both item in much packaging - took ½ hour to unpack! The KEF bookshelf speakers sound amazing for the size of the enclosures. The Arcam Alpha 5 amplifier is in a superb condition & sounds great. All in all great value for quality components. Great service too the the guys at Retrotect; Frendly & Helpful. - Definitely recommend. (John Mills – Great Yarmough, UK)

Jonathan Poolman, Elgin, Morayshire - June 2022
The amplifier (Quad 606) arrived yesterday and I have to commend you on the quality (and quantity) of your packaging; I hate to think how long it took to pack - it took me the best part of 20 minutes to unpack it!  When I saw the size of the delivery box, I was worried that the amplifier was rather larger than I had expected, then as I delved down through the layers of packing, i began to feel like an archaeologist on an important dig.  The amplifier is great and the sound excellent. (Jonathan Poolman - Elgin, Morayshire)

Elson Takiimu, Aukland , New Zealand - March 2022
Hey John, the Majik-I arrived safe and sound. You weren’t exaggerating when you said it’s like a brand new unit! Retrotech team were helpful throughout, responsive and the product was expertly packaged. Really pleased with my purchase (Eldon Takitimu, Auckland, New Zealand)

Simon Venn, Worcester - UK - January 2022
Saw a Goldring Lenco GL78 for sale on the site. Emailed my wish to purchase it and John came back straight away. Really helpful and posted it immediately. It arrived today and I’m blown away - came in the original 1970/80s? box and original packaging and was packed perfectly. It is absolutely mint and was an incredibly good price. Wow! Oh and the advert said the auto function wasn’t working - it magically repaired itself on route and works perfectly now. Could not be more pleased. Many thanks John - I’ll be scouring your site for some more quality audio. (Simon Venn, Worcester, UK)

Max Green, Tonbridge, Kent - UK - January 2022
Thanks for doing such a great job fixing my old JVC JL-B44 turntable. My vinyl has never sounded so good. (Max Green, Tonbridge, Kent)

Nick Mears, Banstead, Surrey - UK - December 2021
I have had my Rogers Panthera amp back for a couple of weeks now since you arranged it's repair - for what I consider a modest sum, during which time it has bedded in well. It had not been used since the first lockdown due to the nasty hum, but I am now enjoying its sweet and transparent sound again. My musical experience has returned! (Nick Mears - Banstead, Surrey).

Mr John Latimer, London, UK - November 2021
Not my first time purchasing some second hand hi-fi from John and Ken. I cannot fault Retrotech at all. The Focal speakers I collected last week are brilliant. Retrotech, excellent service, I recommend them 100% for your vintage second hand hi-fi purchases. You will not be disappointed. Five Stars from me ***** (John Latimer, London

Mr E Walker, Sheffield, UK - October 2021
Hi John Had to drop you a line today. - Sony speakers (Sony 176E Brooklands Edition) received very promptly this morning, impressive! The speakers are great and in good order, sounding excellent in my room, surprisingly good in fact, I may even get used to the ‘Gothic’ look. Your shop was a great find and a brilliant way to experiment, you obviously look carefully and what you offer for sale so I am confident about future purchases. You were not kidding when you said expertly packed, that was my workout for today, unwrapping. Anyway, Cheers and have a great day. EW (Mr E. Walker, Sheffield)

Steve, Devon, UK - October 2021

Hi John, I ordered some Lenco V blocks from you yesterday afternoon for my GL75. They arrived at lunchtime today and they are now fitted in the arm. Azimuth is now good and the deck is sounding much better. Many thanks for the superb service. (Steve from Devon)

Peter Cartlidge, Ellesmere, UK - September 2021
Hi Retrotech. I received my amp yesterday (Rotel RA-312 repair). It's great. Those Steely Dan records have never sounded better. Lovely! Thanks. (Peter Cartlidge – Ellesmere, UK)

Steven Feather, Tyne & Wear, UK - August 2021

I recently purchased a Sansui SR 525 turntable from Retrotech Audio and I’m absolutely delighted with it. The service provided was top notch, John couldn’t have been more helpful and the turntable was packed to a very high standard for shipping. I cant recommend Retrotech Audio highly enough. Thanks John (Steven Feather, Tyne & Wear, UK)

George Newman, Local - June 2021
I'm lucky to have these talented guys operating just a few miles from my door as they took on a repair to my old technics turntable which needed attention. Nothing was too much trouble in restoring the unit to its former glory and the charge was most reasonable. Once again I am able to enjoy cherished vinyl going back to the 70s, so its not just a repair, it does quite a bit more than that. I look forward to using the services again in the very near future. (George Newman – Local)

Steve Atkins, Shoreham-by-Sea, UK - April 2021

The Tuner arrived this morning and I am very happy with it. It is in excellent condition as described and was very well packed. Thanks very much for your help in completing this transaction so easily. (Steve Atkins - Shoreham-By-Sea, UK)

Patrick Maehrlein, Cardigan - Wales - March 2021Hi John Received the Technics 5-disc CD player Thurs 04/03/21 within two days of purchase. Swift & prompt UPS delivery. First class packaging. Pleasure doing business with you as always & hopefully with you in the future. A BIG THANK YOU to you John. (Patrick Maehrlein – Cardigan, Wales)Stewart Bray, Norwich - UK - Dec 2020Hi John, Headphones (Stax Lambda) received yesterday and I'm very pleased with them. Thanks for sending so quickly. Have a good Christmas. (Stewart Bray, Norwich, UK)

Julian Langridge, Cirencester - UK - Aug 2020
I'm sure that UPS will have let you know that the parcel was safely delivered today, but I wanted to just say how beautifully it was packed.  An absolute Master Class on how to successfully ship fragile audio equip.!  Thanks so much. (Julian Langridge, Cirencester, UK)

Alfredo Montano, Tufina - Italy - July 2020

Complimenti per la vostra serietà, professionalità e passione! Il pre Quad 44 è arrivato prestissimo da me in Italia, sapientemente imballato (doppio) ed in condizione perfetta. Mi avete reso felice. Grazie di cuore, Alfredo. (Alfredo Montano, Tufino, Italy)
Congratulations on your seriousness, professionalism and passion! The pre Quad 44 arrived very soon from me in Italy, expertly packed (double) and in perfect condition. You made me happy. Thank you very much

Rick Battishill, Surrey - UK - May 2020
I'm very attached to my old JPW mini monitors - and to the manufacturing history (Dartmoor Prison involved!), but after about 27 years one of them was playing up badly. John took a look inside, did what he does, and they are now singing loud and sweet! I am really pleased with the service, advice, speed, and cost. These speakers don't claim to be the finest ever, but they were lot of bang for the buck, and now they are again. Thanks John. (Rick Battishill, Surrey)

Charly Cernon, France - March 2020

I got the parcel just before 12-am and I appreciated the quality implemented to ensure the package. All speakers are fine and their measures are what you can see on Kef data sleeves (2 x KEF T27 & 2 x KEF T33 – Boxed, New Old Stock). Thank you again. Best regards. Charly Cernon, France

Tee Tiong Chin, Singapore - December 2019

I have received the AR18s in perfect condition. I would like to thank you for the extra care in the packaging done by you personally. I am overjoyed, the AR18s looks like new to me. I simply love it. Thank you very much (Tee Tiong Chin - Singapore)

Marco Sibillano, Cork - Ireland - June 2019

Hi John, CD arrived! (Marantz CD52 Mk2 SE) Absolutely delighted. The double box was up to professional standard. I did myself shipped for 6 years professional recording equipment, my eye is well trained. The CD is in superb condition overall, not a scratch or a flaw, sound perfect and is laser beam quick loading  the content. Sound is 100% neat, bass is steady, fast and deep. Midrange is magic.
High are silk and super detailed. 8 yrs ago i had a top range Marantz SACD (3000 euro machine second hand) for 3 months because my friend was moving, with this exact system, and I remember that sound to be really close to this. I'm stunned. Thank you very much for your courtesy and professionality. Sincerely and surely a long-time customer gained. (Marco Sibillano - Cork, Ireland)

Raquel Hidalgo, Seville - Spain - May 2019

I bought a integrated amplifier JVC JA-S11 in an impeccable condition. I usually do not dare to buy sound equipment without seeing or trying them but this store gave me a magnificent impression and I am delighted. I am a lover of music and vinyl records and this amplifier without being of worship is always on the lists of the best. It sounds great and with turntable amplifier it is incredible. I will buy again. Thank you. Raquel Hidalgo. Seville. Spain. May 28, 2019.

Robert Stephenson, Kent - UK - February 2019

I have been listening to music over the last handful of weeks - not hi-fi. It has been joyous. I purchased a pair of Celestion Ditton 25 from Retrotechaudio a couple of months ago which when hooked up moved me towards the sound I remember from my first hifi back in the mid 70's. I also paid for a technics 105 (no arm) and left it with John to source an SME3009. I picked this up a few weeks ago (with Shure cartridge) - all set up and ready to go. Having wasted money on new gear upgrades during the 80's/90's/00's (then dumping it through sheer frustration with the clinical sound) I am so happy I found RTA. This Retrotechaudio sourced set up just plays the music. I love it. John (& Ken) are highly knowledgeable and friendly, trustworthy and enthusiastic about the quality and well priced vintage gear they sell. I highly recommend them. Oh, and they serviced my Audiolab 8000a. (Robert Stephenson, Kent)

Glen Warminger, Norwich - UK - January 2019

Akito and (Linn) plinth arrived safely just now. I think you have excelled yourself in the packing department. Nothing short of an ICBM could have damaged the contents! The Akito looks in absolute mint condition. Even the inevitable marks where the cartridge was attached are barely noticeable. The LP12 plinth is likewise excellent and hardly looks 40+ years old (the serial number on it suggests around 1978). As usual a prompt service with quality equipment and fast delivery. Thanks again, Glen Warminger, Norwich, UK

David Smith, Oldham - UK - October 2018
I received the Technics ST-G90L tuner safely today, it was certainly very well packed. It looks and sounds excellent and I am really pleased with the service I have received from you. Thanks for your help with this. David Smith, Oldham

Nick Sloan, Purley - UK- August 2018
Had my Kef 107 woofer units refoamed, 4x speaker surrounds plus donuts, at a very reasonable price. The work took a couple of weeks, and the result is outstanding. The effect is not just to clean up the bass, but also the lower mid-band: I guess the foam had deteriorated slowly over time and I'd got used to the resulting muddled sound. These speakers are 30 years old, and now sound like new. The foam was, incidentally, completely rotten, and I suspect all Reference Kefs of this vintage will need refoaming by now. I thoroughly recommend Retrotech, the guys are a pleasure to deal with and do good quality work. Plus their workshop is something of an audio Aladdin's Cave for those of us of a certain generation! Nick Sloan,  Purley, Surrey

Barna Szilagyi, Hungary - July 2018
Rogers Ravensbourne Compact Bookshelf Speakers: in perfect condition, wrapped up like a china collection. The speakers arrived in 3 days, they sound perfect! Can only recommend! (Barna Szilagyi, Hungary).

Jonathan, West Yorkshire - June 2018

Fantastic people to deal with. Purchased an SME tonearm. Great condition just like the advert. Will looking for my next purchase from here. Great communication. Many thanks Jonathan, West Yorkshire

David Faithfull, East Sussex, UK - March 2018

The Quad 303 arrived yesterday. Very pleased indeed – thank you. So much better/nicer/more trustworthy than buying on eBay. David Faithfull, East Sussex

David Smith, Oldham, UK - February 2018

Hi John, I received the Myryad  T-30 tuner today as promised. Brilliantly packed and sounds superb. Thanks very much for your excellent service. (David Smith - Oldham, UK)

John Loughead, Port Elizabeth, S. Africa - 2017
Just let you know that the Linn LK140 arrived safely and is working fine. I am very happy!!! - John Loughead, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Jeff Kielty, Dorchester, UK - November 2017

I thought that I would send you a brief email to say how delighted I am with my recent purchase of a Quad 306 Power Amplifier. I also note the superb condition of this little amplifier, when you bear in mind it is over 25 years old!  I've matched it with a Tisbury Passive Preamp and, in my opinion, this combination produces a very good sound into my room.  I've previously owned a Quad 303/33/FM3 and Quad 909/99 combination but moved away to other manufacturers circa 2006.  All I can say is that it's nice to be back with the Quad sound/brand once again and I'm hard pressed to identify too much of a difference when compared with my Integrated Amplifier that I purchased 4 years ago for almost £6k!! Once again, thanks for your help and I will be keeping an eye on your website in case you have any other  little "gems" that are of interest to me. (Jeff Keilty, Dorchester, UK)

Mark Duncan, Helensburgh, UK - October 2017

Hi John,  It sounds AMAZING!! (Rogers Ravensbourne). Thank you SO much. I have it playing with a Lenco gl 75 and through Cerwin Vega vs 10 Speakers. Can’t believe how good it sounds. So much clarity mellowness and depth - and real low frequency bass. I knew it would be good- but not this good!!! Thank you again (Mark Duncan, Helensburgh, UK

Rueben Sylvester, Kerala, India - September 2017
Received the parcel in the post. Well packed and the (SME) tonearm is in perfect condition. Thanks once again. Looking forward to my next purchase from you. (Rueben Sylvester, Kerala, India)

Vincenzo Barella, Curti, Italy - August 2017

Another enjoyable experience with your store, John: A wonderful and rare pair of GOODMANS MAGNUM k speakers. Perfectly packed and connected to my Leak stereo 20 is a real delight. Thanks again. (Vincenzo Barella, Curti, Italy)

Dave - Kelso, Scottish Borders - February 2017
I had a Quad pre-amp and power amp lying around hardly used over the past 15 years. Thought about selling it on EBay, but the hassle that this sometimes entails put me off. I did a quick search online and found Retrotech. I exchanged emails with John and was offered a really good price for them. After further emails on how to pack and which carrier to use I was all set to go. The icing on the cake was Retrotech even paid the carrier fees! They were picked, up checked out, and the money was paid straight into my bank account. No hassle at all, no dodgy buyers, no PayPal or eBay fees. Would I recommend Retrotech - Yes unreservedly. If you want good service, fair prices from someone you can trust not to rip you off, Retrotech should be your first port of call. I am now desperately searching the garage and loft to find other equipment that may be hidden in the cobwebs. (Dave, Kelso, Scottish Borders)

Mike Saunders, Luton, UK - January 2017
Quad 44 received all ok, checked last night & all functioning as it should be.  Looks nice with my 405. Regards, Mike (Mike Saunders – Luton)

Chris Pick, Nottingham, UK - December 2016
A big thankyou to john for the nad 3020a which is in v good condition and v well packed too. will definitely shop with you again, thankyou, (Chris Pick – Nottingham)

Glen Warminger, Norwich, UK - October 2016

Just to let you know the Quad 303/33/FM3 all arrived very promptly (within two days of dispatch) and are in great condition and work very well. As shown on the testimonials the packaging is excellently executed. Very professional service and pleasant to deal with. Thanks. (Glen Warminger, Norwich, UK).

Joseph Tan - Singapore - October 2016
Excellent packing great communication item (Arcam Alpha CD) was in mint condition all cabs were change .. Very please ! (Joseph Tan, Singapore)

Paul Joseph - Birmingham, UK - September 2016
Excellent packing and helpful advice along with fast delivery. Arcam Alpha Plus CD. Super CD player. Very pleased. Paul. (Paul Joseph, Birmingham)

Warren King, Hamilton - New Zealand August 2016
Having unwrapped the Quad just now, I am delighted! It was so thoughtfully packaged and in such lovely condition – a special thing indeed! Many thanks also for the cables. (Warren King, Hamilton, New Zealand)

Greg Prior - Portsmouth, UK - August 2016

Systemdek turntable purchased at a great price, fully serviced and in great working order. Delivery was quick and packaging could not have been more secure for this. Many thanks and highly recommended seller. (George Prior - Portsmouth)

David Isaacs - Hove, Sussex - UK - June 2016
I have bought equipment on two occasions from Retrotech (Rogers speakers / Pioneer turntable) and I am very happy with both purchases. The product descriptions are spot-on and the service and shipping are helpful and efficient. (David Isaacs – Hove, East Sussex)

David Moore - Qatar - June 2016
Just adding my voice to the others - Quad FM4. All the way to Qatar. Anyone out there hesitating - don't! (David Moore - Qatar)

Daniel - Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia - April 2016

This is my first time buy retro product from British. I want to thanks John that can handle it very Pro. I'm able to received this Shure V15 type 3. I'm glad Retroaudio give me an option to had this Marvelous Cartridge. Hope future can get more good stuffs from Retroaudio. Thanks John & Ken. (Daniel - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Paul Arangio - Perth, Western Australia - Feb 2016

Wanted to let you know that the EQ arrived safe and sound on Monday…… Just finished setting it up and man, it looks and sounds a treat!  Listened to some Roxy Music (Avalon) whilst mucking around with both the equalizer and reverb.   I know a lot of purists don’t like EQs, but I can see myself having quite a bit of fun. (Paul Arangio - Perth, Western Australia)

Howard DSilva - Medways, Kent - UK - Dec 2015

Just to let you know amp (Quad 405-2) arrived today, no problems.  Very pleased with the amp, thanks for your service, will recommend you and will definitely use you again. (Howard DSilva, Medway, Kent)

David Di Lazzoro - Perugia, Italy - November 2015

The CD player (Quad 66) arrived safely yesterday, one day ahead of schedule. Today I tuned it on and I works very well. Thank you very much for your help and competence; you must be proud of how you run your job. Few people nowadays can - or want - do the same. (Davide Di Lazzaro, Perugia, Italy

N Newton, - Cumbria - UK - November 2015

I would like to thank Retrotech Audio for supplying me with a truly fantastic SME 3009 tonearm which I am delighted with. It is simply superb, like new, and totally unmarked. I am sure this tonearm has never been anywhere near a turntable since it was manufactured some 38/39 years ago! The service recieved from Retrotech Audio was also superb, excellent communications and extremely quick shipping by Special Delivery which arrived next morning in perfect condition too. Would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to buy quality Hi-fi equipment at a reasonable price with trouble free service to back it up. Thank you very much....N.Newton, Cumbria, UK.

Roberto Marchesi - Denmark - October 2015

Hi John, Just wanted to let you know the Quad (405-2) got here safe and sound and is working perfectly. I am very happy with the purchase. (Roberto Marchesi, Denmark)

Neil Mitchell - Plymouth, UK - August 2015

Just a note to let you know the Quad (303) arrived ok, exceptionally well packed and just as described. Sounds amazing too :-) Neil Mitchell, Plymouth Devon

George Ball - West Sussex, UK - July 2015

I have just purchased a Quad FM4 Tuner. The whole process was a pleasure. If i am looking for other items in the future , my first enquiry will be to Retrotech. (George Ball - West Sussex)

Dave Smith - Enfield, UK - July 2015

The Quad 33 has arrived safely , due in no small part to your excellent packing. The system with my 303 has had a test run ,sounds great better than I had hoped for. Thanks for your assistance and info. (Dave Smith, Enfield).

Peter Lancaster - Wellingborough, UK - June 2015

Hi, just a note to say how happy I am with the SME arm, I have just connected it to my record deck and it sounds wonderful. Many thanks for the quick delivery, excellent service. (Peter Lancaster, Wellingborough)

Grant Pilcher - Norfolk, UK - June 2015

Many thanks for the superb Leak Sandwich speakers. They are just as you describe and the result when matched with my Leak Stereo 20 and Varislope 3 preamp is just wonderful. Thank you yet again for an excellent service (Grant Pilcher, Norfolk, UK)

Valentin Zellweger - Bern, Switzerland - April 2015

The Quad 44 works BEAUTIFULLY, thanks very much for everything (the packaging was perfect!). So, for the time being, I just enjoy the fabulous  sound of this wondermachine. Thanks again, great pleasure doing business with you. (Valentin Zellweger from Bern, Switzerland)

Patrick Langeveld - The Netherlands - April 2015

I received your package (Castle Warwick loudspeakers) and everything looked very good. I opened the box and to my surprise the corners of the speakers were very well protected. The loudspeakers are now singing for a few hours and I'm positively surprised about the sound they make. I'm making a second system of old/vintage hi-fi components and those speakers will not be the weakest link. Thank you for the very nice correspondent and the warning about delivery. (Patrick Langeveld, Nieuw-Vennep The Netherlands)

Dr Boris Blankleider - Adelaide - Australia - March 2015

Audiolab 8000T arrived today. No damage at all, and I must say, beautifully packed. I connected it and ….wow, wonderful sound … I couldn’t be happier. To boot, it looks great and surprisingly new, given it’s age. I would like to thank you for providing this marvellous tuner. I would certainly shop from your store again! (Dr. Boris Blankleider, Adelaide, Australia)

Wilmer - Hong Kong - March 2015

Lentek amp received in perfect cosmetic and working condition, now singing The Hunter of Jenifer Warnes, vinyl! Thanks so much John (Wilmer from Hong Kong).

Richard Lyne - Kettering - UK - October 2014

Cassette deck (Denon DR-M11) ordered Friday, posted Monday, arrived Tuesday beautifully packed; everything as forecast. Deck in perfect condition, as described, at a better than reasonable price. I only wish the rest of life was as good as this buying experience! Thanks John. (Richard Lyne, Kettering, UK)

Cedomir Maric - Croatia - October 2014

Great shop to work with. Some time ago, I'd purchased a pair of LINN INDEX speakers with their popular stands. Since then system that I'd build, (based on these speakers), had beaten many more expensive and "fancy" systems. Also, there is one more, but not les important fact, that the owner of this store is great to deal with. Thanks John (Cedomir Maric from Croatia)

Harley Lovegrove - Belgium - August 2014

Thank you for the excellent service your company delivered. The product description for the Quad 66 on your website was extremely accurate and I very much appreciated the fact that you pointed out that there was a small mark on the remote control, which to be honest, turned out to be almost nothing at all.  I was also very impressed how you kept me up to date every step of the way during the order intake and delivery process.  I can think of many companies that could take a leaf out of your customer service book. Oh, by the way – the Quad sounds excellent and is sitting pride of place in our demo studio in Belgium. Kind regards, Harley Lovegrove - Belgium

Martin Bell - Kent - United Kingdom - May 2014

Thanks for dropping them off John. They do something rather scary.. The speakers disappear and present the music in the loveliest way. Cheers, Martin. (KEF Reference 103.2’s - Martin Bell, Cranbrook, Kent)

Carlo Guerra - Italy - May 2014

Bought this famous Audiolab 8000A for more than a reasonable price. I'd say this is the only site with what you can make "real" bargains a have a perfect service. Communication was completely satisfactory as well as the Packaging and the TOA. P.S. This amp is really a myth. It sounds terrific. With every kind of music. I connected it to my pair of LS3/5A and I made a perfect chain for reproducing a simply perfect sound. To me is the best integrated I've ever come across to. Hope you will continue with your site forever!! Best Regards Carlo

Hakan - Sweden - April 2014

I just got a SME 3009 Series IIIS - 9" Tone-arm in great condition, as described,very fast delivery and very well packed. I also have had very good mail contact with Pauline. Thanks Hakan from Sweden

Serge - France - March 2014

Hello John, The SPENDOR arrived at their destination via UPS ... About 6 days after my order was fantastic ... Packages: corners polystyrene jacket strong cardboard ... Congratulations ... The material was conform with descriptions and everything is in order ... I also enjoyed a lot your communication almost instantaneous. It was a pleasure to deal with you Best Wishes, Serge (Spendor BC1’s to South of France)

David Capon - Norfolk, UK - February 2014

Just to let you know the Linn Basik arm arrived today, safe and well. Thanks for the prompt and courteous service. A great price and a kind offer of free P&P. (David Capon - Norfolk, UK)

Thomas Reick - Germany - January 2014

Hi John, the arcam alpha8 arrived safely on monday. The amplifier is in a really superb condition and it works very fine. You did a really good job, package, shipping, everythinng`s O.K. Thank You. (Thomas Reick from Germany)

Mike - Berkshire - UK - November 2013

Hi John, have set it up (NAD 3130) and all is fine, as expected. thanks for the service and best wishes for the future. regards, Mike (Newbury, Berkshire).

Enrique - Valencia - Spain - December 2012

Tweeter (KEF T27) received in perfect condition. Now my beloved KEF 104AB sounds great again!!!!!!!! I bougth them when I was 17 years old ( I am now 51), and never found loudspeakers that sounds so sweet and great as these ones. Is the only part of my music equipment that has not been changed in 35 years. Thanks a lot, Best wishes, Enrique (Valencia, Spain).

Alan Wang - Malaysia - November 2012

The 2nd pair of KEF T27 tweeters I bought from John arrived today,very well packed.The pair of tweeters is as good as new.I will buy from Retro Audio again (Alan Wang, Malaysia)

Neil Payne - Victoria - Australia - November 2012
The CD player (Philips CD634) has arrived in perfect condition and is working perfectly. Many thanks for packing it so carefully. Thanks again, Neil (Neil Payne, Victoria, Australia)

Rod Hanna - Hereford - UK - November 2012
Just to let you know the Arcam 5 arrived safely today. Thanks for the fast and efficient service, hopefully we can do business again in the near future. (Rod Hanna - Hereford).

Mark Whitehead - Vale of Glamorgam - UK - November 2012
Hello John, The Technics SL150 arrived and it's great! You packed it very well - especially the bearing protection. If it was an e-bay sale I would have given you five stars - but you probably don't need any more anyway! (Mark Whitehead, Vale of Glamorgan).

Alan Tunstall - Wolverhampton - UK - November 2012
Hi John, Payment has reached my account. Many thanks for prompt response.
It has been a pleasurable business experience to deal with someone of integrity! (Alan Tunstall - Wolverhampton)

Aaron Parker - Jeffersonville - USA - October 2012
Hello John, Picked up the package today after work (Technics speakers). Arrived FAST and in very good condition. Thank You for such a smooth and pleasant transaction. Greatly Appreciated, Aaron (Aaron Parker, Jeffersonville, USA)

Arthur Cheng - Hong Kong - September 2012
I have buy some pairs of T27 and B110 from eBay - some good , some no so good. Now I buy B110 and T27 from Retro Audio and they are arrive very quick and exactly good. Next time I will buy from here again. Thankyou. Arthur Cheng (Hong Kong)

Henry - Spain - July 2012

Hi, The work is done, the 401 is in a fat wooden white birchplinth, has got a wonderful tonearm and looks very nice....I LOVE THIS PLAYER. Thank you. Henry from Spain (Garrard 401)

Sidney Tan - Taiwan - July 2012
Hi John, I have received the speakers yesterday afternoon and I already have listened to it for about 1 hour last night. With the same drivers with Cadenza, 104aB's sounding is quite different.. Very interesting.. I like them both. The different cabinet and crossover does make quite obvious different result. It was my pleasure to buy from you.... Sidney Tan (Taiwan) KEF 104aB's

Larry Poulton - United Kingdom - July 2012
I purchased a pair of B&W DM110. They were in excellent condition, reasonably priced and delivered safely for just £15. These guys were quick to respond to emails and friendly to boot. Like many, I sometimes tire of the rubbish sold on ebay. You can be assured of a good product from these peeps. Many thanks guys.

Peter - United Kingdom - July 2012

Hello john, I gave you a feedback sometime ago regarding the wonderful leak 3020s but i am not sure whether it went into your forum so to speak. Anyway here is another just to let you know every thing in the garden is rosy!! And that you will be please to know the 1974-77 leak top end of the transistervintage hi fi is now complete being of a leak delta turntable goldring v15 /delta 70amp/delta tuner/ 3020s speakers / brilliant job john for you to come up with the final end product again am viewing your website constantly many thanks and kind regards peter....

Matt Sutcliffe from Gerrards Cross - May 2012
Hi John, I received it today and it works great, far better than my previous centre speaker and it matches very well. Never seen such great packing, it arrived as described! I've cleaned up the speaker so now it looks great and it is sounding fantastic. Many thanks, Matt Sutcliffe from Gerrards Cross (Linn Centrik centre speaker)

Jon Crighton from Plymouth - May 2012

Having 'inherited' from my father a pair of 40 year old Kef speakers, which held a lot of personal significance, I was keen to use them. However, one speaker sounded awful - which I put down to a faulty tweeter. After discussion with John I swapped the tweeter units between the cabinets and discovered the fault was with the cross-over. John supplied a replacement circuit board and the speakers sound absolutely stunning - so good that my dad wants them back!! Thank you John for your expert advice, efficient service and remarkably reasonable prices. Fingers crossed that my Kefs manage another 40 years before their next service! Yours, Jon Crighton from Plymouth (1970's KEF Chorale crossover)

Matt - United Kingdon - April 2012
Hi Just To Let You Know The KEF T27 - 6535 TWEETERS Arrived Safely And In PERFECT CONDITION! Because Of The Superb Bomb Proof Packaging You Put Them In And I Have Wired Them Up And They Sound AWESOME! 100% Exactly How They Should.......... Thanks & Best Wishes Matt (2 x KEF T27)

Al Colucci - Glenolden, USA - April 2012

John, It arrived today and everything is together.......... Your cover is the rare sliding kind which I have not seen here. Maybe it was common there aside from the more common one piece kind. I see that I have to slide the front back if I am going to lift up the cover. Multi play spindle works, too. You did one bombastic packing job. I can't even fit all the material back into the box (Al Colucci - Glenolden, USA) - Dual 1229 Turntable, Plinth & Cover

P Fereday - Renfrewshire - March 2012
Hi John, Received as promised on Friday. All good, turntable exactly as described and sooooo well packaged!! (Ariston RD11 - P. Fereday - Renfrewshire)

G Rigby - Ely UK - February 2012
Face cleaned up nice and I will redo the case. All round I am very happy to have found a very rare AM3 export I have been looking for one for about 20 years cheers G Rigby, Ely UK (Quad AM3 Export)

John Phillips, London, UK - Augist 2023Excellent prompt service from friendly and knowledgeable staff at a very reasonable price. My SME/Garrard combo sounds a treat again! (John Phillips – London)

Ian Ng - Singapore - May 2022
Received the Denon DRM-500 which was expertly packed as promised. However, it was not in working condition and I believe FedEx was responsible. Cosmetically the unit looked like new which was as described. Nevertheless John provided friendly and professional service, and did not hesitate to provide a refund. (Ian Ng – Singapore).

David Giles, London, UK - November 2021
Superb friendly service from John and Ken on all 3 items I brought for service and repair. Just fired up the serviced Technics SL-B2 and SU-Z1 and they have never sounded as good. Really great to have them back and fixed so quickly with a full explanation and advice. A fantastic experience all round. thanks folks! (David Giles, London)

Jeff Lock, Kent, UK - October 2021Both the Rotel RA-970BX amp and Rotel RCD-865 CD player purchased from you yesterday are set up and look and sound great. Thanks very much for the excellent advice and service. (Jeff Lock, Kent)

David Hawkins, London E1, UK - September 2021

The amp (Cambridge Audio A5) arrived this morning. Thanks for a great service. Happy days! (David Hawkins – London E1)

Bryden Rimmer, Doncaster, UK - June 2021

Just a short note to say how pleased I am with the Quad 405-2 that's recently arrived via UPS. The amplifier is exactly as described and pictured but above all that is the exemplary service offered by John at Retrotech Audio. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, I saw the amp online, picked up the phone and after a conversation about my Onkyo digital pre-amping and MA3 speakers it was on its way with the ability to return it if wasn't right in my setup... easy! Simply can't recommend enough. (Bryden Rimmer, Doncaster, UK)

Tony waldron, Malvern, IUK - April 2021

FM4 has arrived safe and sound, not sure of how or when !! It appeared suddenly on our front doorstep unannounced. Fortunately the weather was dry but I am sure it would have made no difference considering the fantastic packaging which you provided in addition to the excellent Quad packaging, it would have withstood a ' tornado'. Needless to say, I am delighted with the product, I am sure that it will provide many years of enjoyment for me away from the television and accompanied by a tot of malt in my favourite armchair !!  I look forward to further trade with you in the future. (Tony Waldron, Malvern, UK)

Bryden Rimmer, Doncaster, UK - April 2021

Just a short note to say how pleased I am with the Quad 405-2 that's recently arrived via UPS. The amplifier is exactly as described and pictured but above all that is the exemplary service offered by John at Retrotech Audio. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, I saw the amp online, picked up the phone and after a conversation about my Onkyo digital pre-amping and MA3 speakers it was on it's way with the ability to return it if wasn't right in my setup... easy! Simply can't recommend enough. (Bryden Rimmer – Doncaster, UK)

Sam Alboum, Pensylvania, USA - July 2020
Hi John- You really outdid yourself.   The Quad 67 arrived at noon today (Wednesday) perfectly packed.   The Quad suffered no ill effects from flying across the big pond.   Set-up was a breeze; no problem removing the bubble wrap from the laser eye.   It has been playing for a couple of hours and sounds absolutely awsome.   If my neighbors would not be disturbed, I'd play it through the night. Many thanks for a first class job. (Sam Alboum, Pensylvania, USA)

Christopher Davis - Cambridge, UK - May 2020

It has been a pleasure to deal with this firm.  a professional fair and friendly service (Christopher Davis, Cambridge)

Gary Buckland - Lancaster, UK - April 2020
The speakers (KEF bookshelf monitors) arrived yesterday. Beautifully packed and in perfect condition :) I have now had a chance to take them for a spin and they sound lovely. I started with Max Richter and went onto Nine Inch Nails and, of course, some Pink Floyd. They sound superb hooked up to my vintage Denon PMA-250. Thank you very much for the care you took in sending them to me. (Gary Buckland, Lancaster UK)

Vassilis Lentikas - Athens, Greece - July 2019

Quad FM4 arrived today, two days earlier than expected. Connected to my Quad 34/306, it produces a very pleasing sound. I am most happy with this purchase. Many thanks for your excellent service. All the best, Vassilis (Vassilis Lentakis, Athens)

Steve Clark - North Yorkshire, UK - March 2019
Brilliant...!! Delivery arrived this morning (Project turntable, Arcam amp, Yamaha cassette deck).  All up and running within 24hrs! Condition of equipment is excellent, very happy indeed. Steve Clark, North Yorkshire

Bob Brown - Fleet, Hampshire, UK - January 2019

Had a pair of Tannoy Speakers to sell but E Bay beyond my IT skills. Found Retrotech Audio website and they made me an acceptable offer. Their web based systems were very easy to negotiate and the sale took place today when I delivered the speakers. Retrotech were pleased with them and insisted on giving me more than the agreed price due to their condition and original stands supplied. What a gentlemen and such unheard of treatment. If he treats a seller so well, I can understand why he has so many highly complimentary reviews from purchasers. (Bob Brown, Fleet, Hants, UK)

Mark Duncan - Helensburg, UK- Scotland - December 2018
Technics CD player has arrived. Quality and condition are way beyond my expectations. Many many thanks. I will definitely be back for more !!! (Mark Duncan – Helensburgh, Scotland)

Kimmo - Helsinki, Finland - October 2018
The amplifier (Quad 303) arrived already on wednesday but i have been on sick leave so i was able to fetch it from the office only today.
As expected it is in perfect condition thanks to your first class packing. Again :-) Thank you once more for your pleasant and professional service. Many thanks and all the best from Helsinki, Kimmo

Will Hill - Suffolk, UK - September 2018

My amp was held for me for a few weeks and picked up in person. Arrangements made without fuss as communication was prompt and friendly. Quite aside from the interesting selection of equipment what you have behind the scenes is a real wealth of knowledge and a genuine enthusiasm which is priceless. Descriptions and images of equipment are accurate and prices are shown, which make purchasing straightforward. Thank you Retro Tech for keeping the faith and for bringing fun and happiness to fellow enthusiasts. (Will Hill, Suffolk)

Harvey Staples, Hackney East London, UK - July 2018
Cannot recommend Retrotech enough. Very friendly and helpful staff, and items are very, very, well protected so less chance of any damage in transit. Also they use reputable couriers such as UPS, not those other useless couriers that people tend to use on Ebay, the one that rhymes with Herpes, I think you know which one I am talking about. (Harvey Staples, Hackney, East London)

Alan Wild - Saffron Walden, UK - March 2018

Thanks for the excellent packaging (Stax Earspeakers), I'm running them with my (active) srd6 until I can get some 4mm gold bullet connectors onto the lead from the passive srd6 supplied, and they're astonishingly good. (Alan Wild - Saffron Walden)

João Silva - Lisbon, Portugal - December 2017

John helped me choose. And he indicated other options for "cartridges". "Systemdek IIX" corresponds to that described. It was conveniently packed. UPS shipped quickly. It works great. I will contact John again on future purchases. João Silva - Lisbon - Portugal

Thomas Chacko, India - December 2017

Hi John, Received the Technics SU-A900 Mk2 amplifier on 1st Dec. Checked it out over the weekend. Everything is working fine. Thank you for the very good packing and follow up emails. You were extremely helpful. Once again thank you for the excellent service. (Thomas Chacko, Trivandrum, India)

Kimmo Virtanen, Finland - October 2017
Just to let you know that the amplifier (Quad 303) just arrived, and thanks to your first-class packing, in excellent condition.
Thank you for your kind and fast service :-) (Kimmo Virtanen – Helsinki, Finland)

Lorenzo - Tuscany, Italy - September 2017

I have to thank Retrotech audio for giving me the chance to listen this wonderful pieces of audio history... (Thorens TD160 & SME 3009)) Lorenzo, Tuscany, Italy

Luis F Villa - Madrid, Spain - August 2017

'I highly recommend Retrotech Audio. John gave me diligent and careful attention. He even phoned me -abroad- when he had to change shipping modality, and reimbursed me via PayPal the difference. Last but not least he carried the package to the courier to meet the arriving deadline according our travel plans. My Quad FM3 tuner arrived in time carefully and solidly packed, with a big FRAGILE stamp and in perfect working order. Attached, all the cables and antenna. Thank you very much for your kind and excellent service. I’m sure I will be a customer again. Best regards!' Luis F Villa (Madrid, Spain)

Melvyn Crabb - Surrey, UK - March 2017

The SME 3009 series 2 tonearm arrived this morning; thanks for the excellent packaging which ensured its safe delivery. The arm is in excellent condition - it looks brand new. As before, it has been a pleasure buying equipment from you, the items are exactly as described, and are shipped swiftly and securely. (Melvyn Crabb - Surrey, UK)

Melvyn Crabb - Surrey, UK - March 2017

Thanks for the shipment of Quad 44 MC input board which arrived safely and very well packed within 24 hours. The board is in excellent condition and fully meets expectations. Thanks again for excellent and friendly service. (Melvyn Crabb, Surrey, UK)

Mark Goldie - Berkshire, UK - February 2017
Hi Ken, The Thorens (TD125 Mk2) has arrived safely. Holy cow it's in great condition (and VERY well packed!). Chuffed to bits! Cheers, Mark. (Mark Goldie – Berkshire, UK)

Barry Schofield - Broxbourne, UK - January 2017

Thanks for getting the Meridian M3's to me so quickly and well protected.. cracking little speaker, and in such wonderful condition too.  ..  regards, Barry.  (Barry Schofield - Broxbourne, Herts)

Hyunmok - Seol, S. Korea - December 2016

I'm looking for Quad pre, power amp. I searched in our country site, but I can't find good one. I found retrotechaudio site by myself. There is quad 33, and 303 power amp. I can get this amp only few days after send pay by paypal. There is some noise in 303 power, but John take care of this issue. I'm happy to listen music from these amps. Thanks. Happy new year! Hyunmok from Seoul, South Korea.

James Beresford - Norfolk, UK - October 2016
The NAD CD player was exactly as advertised and is a delight to add to my audiophile collection. I could not have found anything elsewhere to match the superb condition and quality of sound, despite it being used. Not only was it delivered in excellent time, but it was also packed professionally, carefully and neatly. This is obviously a company that cares about its customers, and they have my full respect. Well done Retrotech Audio. (James Beresford, Norfolk, UK)

Frank Wright - Hull, UK - Ocober 2016
Nad amp+tuner arrived 4/10/16 all working and very well packed many thanks indeed will shop with you again (Frank Wright, Hull, UK)

Vincenzo B - Caserta, Italy - September 2016

I bought a pair of Tannoy Devon and after about a week I got them wrapped in an excellent packaging. I was able to appreciate the magnificent state of conservation just as you had described. I am sure that your store will be one of my points of reference for the next Hifi purchases. (Vincenzo B. Caserta, Italy)

Christian Frühauf - Switzerland - Sept 2016

I must say that the condition of the TT (AR Legend) comparing to the price is a real pleasure! So well packed, so much LOVE in all the Job you do....... thank you with all my heart, I keep an eye open on your miracles... And I wish you health, and happiness. (Christian Frühauf from Switzerland)

Dave & Jane Potter - Whitby, UK - August 2016

Marantz CD583 has arrived safe and sound. 5 minute set up, works perfectly. Many thanks. (Dave & Jane Potter, Whitby, UK)

Dan Aarons - London, UK - June 2016

Thanks for all your support and great service. Most happy with my equipment and looking forward to purchasing more equipment in the future. Thanks, (Dan Aarons, London N3)

Karl - Harrogate, UK - April 2016

Hi John, I just wanted to thank you for your kind service with the Tannoy iiilz and Denon amp you sold me. At first I still didn't 'get' the iiilz but I thought the Denon wouldn't help. They now are powered by a Unison Research Preludio and now I can hear what the fuss is about. Decent VdH cable, old Spendor low stands and 14w of Preludio SET integrated and all is well. Thanks again for your great service and advice. Best wishes, Karl (Harrogate, North Yorkshire)

Steve Dallen - Hampshire, UK - March 2016

Finally managed to unite SME 3009 S2 Imp with Thorens TD125 both recently purchased from you now I've managed to find the right cartridge! All working beautifully and sounds fantastic. Many thanks for your help and advice. Takes me back 40 odd years. Wish my body would feel that way too... Regards. (Steve Dallen, Hampshire, UK)

Geoffrey Williams - Halesowen, UK - March 2016
I purchased a Quad 44 moving coil module. They were very helpful and provided valuable advice. It was a fast, efficient service and I would have no hesitation in using them again. Buy from them with confidence. Ken, John Thanks for your help. (Geoffrey Williams, Halesowen, West Midlands)

Philip Gorton - Isle of Skye, UK - December 2015

Hello John, the LRMs (Tannoy Little Red Monitors) have arrived safely, excellent packing. They sound very good in the system. Thanks again, Phil (Philip Gorton, Isle of Skye)

Ray Cass - Selby, North Yorkshire, UK - November 2015
RDIIs received yesterday (Thursday) afternoon as promised. Unpacked and all looks OK. Certainly looks in excellent condition as described. Hope to get the arm installed over the weekend and get down to some listening! (Roy Cass, Selby, North Yorkshire)

David Janssen - Powys, UK - June 2015
Just to let you know that the Quad 33 arrived safely. It's in very good condition and sounds superb! Many thanks for the prompt way you dealt with the order. (David Janssen – Powys, UK)

William Carrington, Northumberland, UK - June 2015

FM4 arrived safely, securely, on time and in first class condition. Thank you.  A job well done and hope to buy from you again (William Carrington, Northumberland)

Anthony Williams - Caerphilly, UK - June 2015

Excellent service from Retrotech. The Kenwood 3020se I purchased arrived safely the day after I placed my order. Packaging was excellent and the amp works perfectly and looks little used - you would never think it was 20 years old. The price was good too. Thanks John, pleasure doing business with you. :) (Anthony Williams - Caerphilly, UK)

Tony Gange - Doncaster, UK - May 2015

I phoned John after seeing the site online, I thought he came across as a Genuine, courteous bloke who knew his business well, I purchased an Arcam Delta 90 amplifier which duly arrived the next day well packaged and in superb Condition, you wouldn't know it is a 30 yrs old item. So it goes without saying I was very impressed with Retrotech and will continue to look what's on offer On their website. (Tony Gange - Doncaster)

Sam Barrett - Texas - USA - May 2015

I have purchased several items from Retrotech and they have always been very fast in mailing the items, the items varied from Amplifiers to Tone arms, I had a problem with one item which I had repaired locally ( I live in Houston Texas) I told John and he made things right immediately , the service Retrotech deliver is far in excess of what can be expected from a seller of used Hi Fi, I highly recommend them and I won't hesitate to do business with them. (Simon Barrett, Texas USA)

Mike Pearson - Leicester - UK - April 2015

Just a word of thanks for the Target rack, ordered yesterday pm. It arrived around 10.00 this am. It is just right, and order to fulfilment time must be some kind of record. (Mike Pearson, Leicester)

Simon Williams - Guildford, UK - March 2015

Having searched round for a while for a pair of Mission 753 Speakers, I struck gold on your website. I live near to the premises and took a trip down. You kindly allowed me the time to listen to them through your shop system during a very busy time of day. Thanks for your advice and prompt attention. The speakers are fantastic and sit proudly in my study, blasting out all my CD & Vinyl collection with ease, punch and musicality you expect from the original Mission Offerings. (Simon Williams from Guildford)

David Bennett - Hertfordshire, UK - March 2015

The Audiolab CD and DAC arrived safely yesterday and are now installed and working and sounding great. Thank you for the excellent packing and fast delivery. A pleasure to deal with you. (David Bennett - Herefordshire)

Alexander Kolegov - Russian Federation - November 2014

Hello John, I received the amp (Sansui AU517)  yesterday. The box was intact, everything is OK. The sound is warm and lively (I don’t know why I purchased so many vacuum tube amplifiers!). The Harry James with Frank Sinatra CD sounds at least as good as with best of my vacuum tube amplifiers. Vocals, trumpets, everything  sounds as it should. And it is really surprising how it could survive in a nearly museum condition! (Alexander Kolegov, Russian Federation)

Anthon - Ukraine - October 2014

Well , well : You can sell to Ukraina your Garrard , but you can't receive my top vintage equipment ! Why ?! May be you are a nazi skinhead ?!  Listen yor trash by yourself . Anthon in Ukraine – Slightly unhappy that we declined his offer of part exchange.

John Green - Northumberland, UK - Oct 2014

All arrived (Quad 34/405) very safely and beautifully packed. They make my Ahlborn digital organ, which itself is a high quality piece of kit, sound amazingly solid and clean. I'm delighted, so thanks for excellent service. - John Green, Northumberland, UK.

Rob - Lancashire - September 2014
Pioneer PL71, deck arrive in very good order and well packed, it sounds very good with my sae & rs2b,s, thanks john and all involved, regards rob (Lancashire)

Steve Battersby - Aberdeen, Scotland - August 2014

Turntable was delivered last Wednesday (Technics SL7). Tried it out over the weekend and everything works fine. Thanks very much. I will look out for other interesting items on your site in future. Regards, Steve (Steve Battersby – Aberdeen)

Sharon & Darrin - South-EastUK - May 2014

I purchased a pair of spendor sp2 speakers after speaking to john. Went to collect and they were perfect as described. I’ve had them in my system for 1 month now and are superb. I can say that john is a great person to deal with and very helpful and friendly I will definitely buy of him in the future. (Sharon & Darrin Gatward - South East UK)

Brendan Shaw - United Kingdom - April 2014
Hey there! Just received the pre amp! (Quad 22) Plugged it in and it's now sounding perfect! Thanks so much for a superb service! I will be recommending you whenever I can! Please will you also pass thanks on to your tech guy, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. All in all a superb all round service! Thanks and look forward to dealing with you in the future! (Brendan Shaw – Lytham St. Anne’s)

Davide - Italy - April 2014

Everything arrived perfectly packaged and in great conditions. The turntable (Michell Reference Hydraulic) works smoothly and is in great shape. I'll keep you updated when I mount the tonearm and the cartridge. Thanks again for your excellent job. Davide from Italy

Simon Barrett - Houston, Texas - February 2014

I Purchased a Sugden A48 amp and had it shipped to the United States, the engineer converted it to the correct voltage for the USA, I was amazed at just how fast delivery was less than two days after completing the order!. I can now bask in the sound I remember from my RAF service days back in the 70’s……. I search weekly for my next bargain from Retrotech (Simon Barrett - Houston, Texas)

Federica - Spina, Italy - February 2014
Kindness, willingness and accurancy (for shipment and for package), perfect British Style! Thank you for everything, i'm incredibly proud of my Rogers! (LS3/5a) - Federica Spina from Italy

Hans - Uppsala, Sweden - Jan 2014

I just received the turntable (Thorens TD124 Mk2) , in great condition, as described, and very well packed. Thanks a lot! (Hans from Uppsala, Sweden)

Andrea - Rome, Italy - Nov 2013

Hello John they arrived safe and sound (IMF TLS 50 Transmission Line Speakers & Stands). you are THE KING of packaging a very accurate packaging. if you like a can write some good appreciation on your site. best wishes (Andrea in Roma, Italy).

Antonio - Spain - Oct 2013

The Spendor BC1 (loudspeakers) arrived today in perfect conditions thanks to your excellent package. They are just already sounding , making music just as you said ...wonderfully ! Also really nice conditions , I am very happy with the purchase. So thank you very much for your honest and communicative transaction and kindness. Have been a real pleasure to deal with you , I keep looking for a next one , until then ...my best wishes.....

John - Hertford, UK - Oct 2013

Just to let you know SME arm mounted on Technics SL120 Mk1. All went fine when installing and connecting-  sounds great. So thanks for your help - much appreciated. Kind Regards, John from Hertford (SME 3009 Tonearm).

Rafael - Spain - August 2013

Thanks one more time, John. Incredibly packaging. All the components in absolutely perfect condition (Complete Quad 22 system). With this level of packaging is impossible have any problem. (Rafael from Spain)

César - Spain - August 2013

Hi John: Last Thursday I received the turntable (Technics SL-1300). Perfect packaging. It is operating very well. thank you very much. Have a nice day, César. (César Maravi, Navarra, Spain).

Nigel - Australia - August 2013

Hi John, It was here (Quad 33) when I got home tonight. I have unpacked it....... and its a beauty! Thank you so much for looking after me here. Very best regards. Nigel (Nigel Rowlands, Happy Valley, South Australia).

Alberto - Italy - August 2013

Tannoy Cheviot corresponding to the description. Packaging excellent. Kindness and professionalism. What else ...? thanks John!!! (Alberto from Florence, Italy)

Georgina - UK - August 2013

Pioneer SA-7800 - Integrated Amplifier arrived in perfect condition. Now all hooked up, sounds absolutely amazing and beautiful to look at. Amazing communication from John, pleasure to deal with. Very accommodating. One very happy customer. (Georgina from Middlesex).

Hugh - UK - July 2013

Package has arrived (Quad 34) in good order.  It's hooked up and sounding wonderful.  Hadn't realised I had lost a bit of the left-hand channel on my 33; getting a much fuller, richer sound now. And no crackle - what a delight! Very many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. (Hugh from Marlborough, Wiltshire).

Andrea - Italy - July 2013

Hi John, the tonarm SME 3009 s2 improved is amazing. in perfect condition, my friend tell me that it is in excellent condition like new. (Andrea from Italy)

Rafael - Spain - June 2013

Hi John, I received the components (4 x Quad items). In one word: perfect!. Thanks for the packaging, Thanks for the shippment (very fast) Thanks for your very nice service.

Martin - Bradford UK - June 2013

Hi John, I said I would report after carrying out some listening tests an the Quad 34/306 combo. I have connected them between my sound sources and a pair of Lowther Dual Position Acousta speakers. The overall impression is transparent and very smooth on orchestral pieces and very pleasant on contemporary music, particularly self accompanied voice solos involving single instruments, e.g. guitar. I also like the silence when they are asked to reproduce nothing. Very good!! Many thanks for a pleasant and smooth transaction. (Martin - Bradford UK)

Carlo Guerra - Italy - Cambridge Audio Amplifier - May 2013

Great Communicaton. Fast and Serious . Great Packaging. I Bought a piece of British sound at an affordable price. Item really NEW !! UP the British Sound !!!

Alex - Wales (UK) - May 2013
"got the bc1s cheers john - amazing!! much better than my ditton 44's! (Alex from Wales - Spendor BC1's)"

Andreas - Germany May 2013

I met John the first time, when I picked up my Tannoy Cheviot HPDs. John is a very nice guy and definitely the one you can trust. Trust me! (Andreas from Germany)

Tony Zohrab - New Zealand - March 2013

Got the tweeters (5 x KEF T27), the packing was fantastic, all good.Thanks very much. Pleasure doing business with you. Tony Zohrab - New Zealand.

Reiner - Ploheim Germany - March 2013

The DDX (Micro Seiki DDX-1000) arrives on friday at 16,30 in the afternoon. Well packed and without any damage........ I am very satisfied and very glad about this fine conversation with you John and I will observe your pages for the future to buy another HiFi component. (Reiner - from Pohlheim, Germany)

Hugh O'Hare - Canada - March 2013

Hi thanks received the (Quad 22) push button from Japan today and wanted to say thanks to the fellow who sent it. Appreciate your honesty and integrity, not something you find a lot of these days. Keep up the great work. (Hugh O'Hare, Canada)

Lukas - Netherlands - February 2013

Hi John, I received the amp today (Hafler DH-200). You did a perfect packing job man. The outside box was also in good condition, so UPS handled it with care. (Lukas, The Netherlands).

Nuenen, Nethetherlands - February 2013

Hello John, The amplifier arrived in good order, well packed in a thick layer of plastic bubbles. It also functions according to what one would expect from a Quad. (Quad 306) Nuenen, Netherlands.

Hans Meynert, Lomma, Sweden - February 2013

Hi John, I received the tuner today. Perfect thank you very much. (Quad FM3) Hans Meynert, Lomma, Sweden

Russell Jackson - West Haddon, Northants - UK - December 2012

Hi John, (Linn) Sondek received safely. Its fabulous. It is for my father for Xmas as he has always wanted one but they have always been beyond his budget. Thanks for packing it so well. Russell Jackson, West Haddon, Northants


Shinichi - Tokyo, Japan - November 2011
Today I just received the turntable Sondek in perfect condition. Very good wrap, morethan perfect. Thankyou for your concern in many respects. I hope to have contact again sometime. (Shinichi from Tokyo, Japan)

Stefan - Sweden - October 2011

I got the unit today, mounted it instantly in my 104s and it works great! Thanks alot good service fast delivery etc! Cheers from Sweden! (Stefan, KEF T27)

Daniele - Italy - September 2011

RE: SME 3009 series 3 arrived. Hi John, the Tonearm has arrived safely. Everything is working right. Thank you again. Best wishes. Daniele

Lloyd Davies - Swansea (UK) - August 2011

Thanks matedeck arrived today safe and sound. Working a treat. Nice to deal with you. Cheers, Lloyd (Lloyd Davies, Swansea)

Chris Chen - Hong Kong - August 2011

DearTech - tweeters arrived thankyou very much. lovely lovely lovely. My friend joe tzeng will contact you soon. he wants some b110 drivers. thankyou again Chris Chen (Hong Kong - KEF T27 Tweeters)

Pepe - Spain - July 2011

Hello John thank you for everything, the problems always have solution but it does lacking will to want to solve them, you me have demonstrated that you are a person in whom it is possible to trust, it has been a pleasure to share with you this experience (Garrard 401). Pepe, Spain

Bernard - Hong Kong - June 2011

Hi John, The LS3/5a is well received this morning - excellent package and the speakers are in great shape! Very beautiful, they are. Thank You - it's pleasure to do business with you. Bernard

Hilary Katzenell - Brighton - October 2010

I am in the land of listening bliss, the foam surrounding my four ACOUSTIC RESEARCH speakers having disintergreated and almost giving up on repair until finding an ad in the local paper.....offerring repair of vintage equipment. Dropped them down to Retrotech and within a month speakers returned to me sorted with new foam surrounds. BIG THANK YOU to John, singing their praises all over Brighton. Hilary

Mick - Business contact - August 2010

I traded as good-hifi on eBay for 10 years. I have now closed my business down but had regular contact with John and conducted many business deals with him. We also had several mutual clients, some of whom have already published testimonials on the RETROTECHAUDIO website. He has my highest regards as being a trustworthy and honest trader.

Gerald from Spain - Leak Stereo 20 - Repair - August 2010

I needed my Leak Stereo 20 refurbished. My usual repairer no longer being in the UK, I decided to try these guys. All faulty components changed and a couple of new valves d id the trick. A fast efficient service. Quality workmanship and even a new face-place to the Varislope pre amp thrown in for nout as my one was cracked. Highly recommended..

Sergey from Russia - 4 x Garrad TT's - August 2010

I`m already bought 4 Garrard TT`s for my friends from e-bay - all with description as mint. But machine from RETROTECHAUDIO simply the best! Thanks a lot. Sergey.

Roger from France - Quad FM4 - July 2010

"I have just received "LE" Tuner QUAD FM4 by UPS. I did appreciate the top quality of the packaging: With such an excellent protection it would have been very difficult to destroy anything inside the parcel. Furthermore, the Tuner appearance is much better than what I expected. (But from the place I live in, it is impossible to listen to the BBC !). Best regards from France. Roger"

Patrick from Coulsdon, Surrey - July 2010

"noticed the ad and phoned Retrotech. I was clearing out a relatives house and had found a load of old hifi stuff that i was going to take to the dump. I told them what it all was and John said he would come and have a look. I couldnt believe it when he gave me 2 hundred quid for an old player.  John told me to dump the rest. Best phone call I've made in months!"

Hideyuki from Japan - Linn Kan speakers - July 2010

"thank you very much john. linn kan speakers very good. they arrive fedex 2 days past. hideyuki in kanagawa japan."

Paul from East Sussex - Linn Sondek - June 2010

"Been trying to sell my Linn Sondek on ebay. Twice it sold. First time the buyer said he had bought it by mistake. Second time, even though I had said collection only, the buyer wanted it posted to Japan!!!. I called Retro Tech. John was very helpful. He came down to my house the next day. He said it was a very nice deck and paid me almost as much as I had sold it for on ebay. Paid in cash too."

Ken from Purley, Surrey - June 2010

"After having no luck on Ebay i gave the guys at retrotech a try!! got more than i hoped for, no hassle, polite and cash payment! could not ask for more!! best of all they came to me!!! many thanks Ken."

Raymond Soper, Crawley Down - May 2010

"I'd just about given up trying to get my old leak valve amp fixed. I already had tried ringing a couple of places around here but no-one would even look at it. Then I noticed an ad in my local paper so I called Retrotech. They were very helpful and told me a few things I had never known about my amp.explained that I am retired and don't have a car so it was impossible for me to drop it off. As I don't live very far away they actually offered to come and collect it.

Well....I did not hold out too much hope but within a week I had a call saying it was ready. Retrotech delivered it back here and wired it up for me. old leak working like new again. At less than £100 all in I am really happy and I hope you will publish this on your web site. Regards, Raymond,Crawley Down"

 Please contact me about this......


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